About the Author

Mellie K has a background in biosciences. A researcher, and participant of the ‘ATTITUDE’ study (Attitude Determinants of diet and lifestyle among African & Caribbean women living in the UK). at University of Westminster. Mellie K is Author of ‘Healthy Caribbean Cookbook’ a response to understand how the country of origin and length of UK residence influence dietary intake and the contribution that traditional foods make to the diet/well-being among Afro-Caribbean women.

In her debut cookbook, Mellie K offers more than 50 healthy Caribbean recipes like ‘Pumpkin Fritters’, ‘Guava Lemonade’ and ‘All-Spice Rice’. The Healthy Caribbean Cookbook blends healthy living, plant based cooking and homemade seasonings to kick-start readers into the kitchen to get started on a healthy Caribbean food journey. It’s a Caribbean cookbook like you’ve never seen before.

Mellie K aims to write further recipe/lifestyle books in the future to promote healthy lifestyles for the Afro-Caribbean community in the UK.

Mellie K studied Biological Sciences at University of Westminster, London, UK

Mellie K is a food stylist from London, UK and is currently a postgraduate student at UCL.