The ‘ATTITUDE’ Study objective aimed to understand what attitudes and beliefs shape dietary intake and physical activity in this diverse ethnic population. The study explored how country of origin and length of UK residence influence dietary intake and the contributions traditional foods make to diet. The study additionally investigated the differences in understanding and use of ‘front of pack’ nutrition labelling of 1st & 2ndgeneration of women in the UK.

Afro-Caribbean women have almost highest obesity prevalence (32% within a 3% population in the UK)- leading to risk factors including type 2 diabetes which exacerbates health inequalities.

Little work has been carried out to better understand attitude determinants and contextual factors (i.e. cultural heritage, religion, parenthood, body image perception, healthy eating & physical activity) which contribute towards lifestyle and health-practices amongst Afro-Caribbean women in the UK.

This is why I wrote the book! ‘The Healthy Caribbean Cookbook’ is designed and written to influence lifestyle and wellbeing changes, the recipes explore the contribution various traditional foods make to Caribbean cuisine in the UK. Recipes including Jamaican pepper prawns, Guava Lemonade and homebased seasonings have been designed to particularly support those living with type 2 diabetes. The book also includes; plant based recipes, vegetarian/vegan and dairy free with a shopping list of where to by ingredients locally to Southwark, London.

My work is primarily based in Southwark and have a personalised food stylist consultation/3-week programme for Afro-Caribbean women living mainly in the London borough of Southwark.